About Us

"Technomatix" Ltd - founded on 10 December 2001

The company has offices, commercial facilities and warehouses in the following cities:

  • Razgrad, Vasil Levski Str 3A.
  • Shumen, Simeon Veliki Blvd 46B, 2nd floor.

The main activity of the company is trading and engineering of electrical materials, equipment and facilities related to electrical fitting and automation. A major factor in the company is the highly skilled team, who with the speed and professionalism contributes to high quality service and satisfaction of the customer needs.

Main priorities:
  • presentation of the benefits of using our services;
  • competent technical advice relating to site visits at the client;
  • delivery to the customer's specified warehouse;
  • meet the requirements and needs of customers through fast, accurate and quality service;
  • winning the confidence and respect from customers;
  • maintenance of highly qualified personnel;
  • documentation and technical information demonstrating the quality of our products;
  • flexible pricing and payment terms;
  • engineering, diagnostics, failure detection and timely recovery.
The basic rule of the company is to offer solutions, proceeding always from the perspective of the customer.